Sea products

The industry of processing and valorization of fishery products has a privileged place in the Moroccan economy by ensuring 50% of agro-food exports and 8% of total exports of Morocco. This industry processes nearly 70% of the catches of coastal fishing and exports about 85% of its production to a hundred countries throughout the five continents. In 2020, this industry achieved an export tonnage of 671,249 tons for a value of 21 billion MAD (Source FENIP).

Since 2016, in order to consolidate its market shares in a growing sector with a very high export potential, Diana Holding has taken a majority stake, then a total stake, in the  Atlantic Sardine Anchovies Tan Tan. ASAT is a Moroccan fish cannery founded in 2002, and operates on the local as well as on the international market. It exports to more than 10 countries and is the first exporter of canned Moroccan skinless sardines to the United States.

The manufacturing unit is based in the south of Morocco, in the town of Tan-Tan, known for its fishing port and for the richness of its fish resources. ASAT is specialized in the production of canned sardines, mackerel and tuna, according to the most demanding international standards.

Key figures

Surface area
15,424 m2

Production capacity 460,000





production lines