From land to sea to industry

Diana Holding connects the elements,
links generations, and transforms ressources.

diana holding

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Diana Holding was born from a passion for Moroccan terroirs by its founder, Brahim Zniber, shared and pursued by his wife Rita Maria Zniber, today President and CEO of the Company.

This agro-industrial journey started in 1956, at the stately foothills of the Middle Atlas, on the property of Aït Harzallah. Today, Diana Holding has risen to become one of Morocco’s leading private companies.


Our corporate policy is based on the Group’s three cardinal values: Commitment, Sharing and Excellence.

Our commitment is expressed on a social, environmental as well as a scientific level.


In a difficult context marked by the scarcity of resources, including the essential one of water, the increase in the price of agricultural inputs and the constantly renewed demands of productivity, Diana Holding embraces the responsibility which falls to it as a major economic actor, which is investing in an intellectual commitment.