In Morocco, the poultry sector creates jobs and contributes to guarantee the availability of animal protein food in the country. The Diana Holding group has taken an active part in this dynamic since 1976. Diana Holding acquired the Société Nouvelle de Volaille, SNV, and created a sister company dedicated to the breeding of the Warren specie, SES WARREN, in 1981. Their businesses are structured around animal nutrition, poultry production and the trading of imported raw materials.

Animal nutrition

The company has two fully automated factories in the city of Témara and is one of the leading producers of animal feed in Morocco. The company draws its strength from a nutritional strategy based on a high-quality nutritious selection. This approach grants products with a high quality of national recognition and allows to fully meet customers expectations. The Company looks to renew its infrastructures and to create a new production plant to enhance future capacity production.

Animal production

This business segment also includes the production of laying hens pullets and broiler pullets. Through a strategic partnership with EW Group, a leader in egg-laying and broiler selection, SNV and SES Warren have exclusive rights to the Lohmann and H&N breeds respectively. The poultry business is characterized by its strong dynamism in exporting and penetrating new international markets, particularly in the rest of the African continent.

Key figures


largest producer of day-old pullets in Morocco


largest producer of compound feed in Morocco

Producteur significatif de poussins d’un jour au Maroc