Soft drinks

In the 1970s, the Group began an industrial shift that enabled it to diversify its activity, which had been mainly agricultural until then. This strategic choice is in line with Diana Holding’s influence in the food industry. The bottling business is carried by Atlas Bottling Company, ABC, one of the three bottlers of The Coca-Cola Company in Morocco.

The ABC subsidiary produces, bottles, distributes and sells the entire range of The Coca-Cola Company’s soft drinks in Morocco: sodas, juices, energy drinks and table water, representing more than 90 products and 15 brands in total.

Diana Holding operates on two production sites, in the cities of Oujda and Tangier. The latter is one of the largest bottling plants of The Coca Cola Company in Africa. It was made possible thanks to an investment of 500 million dirhams and represents in a tangible way the commitment of Diana Holding group for the economic development of the country.

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