Diana Holding also wants to invest in ideas, inaugurating a brand-new aspect of knowledge production. Our Group wants to take part in the future’s debates, at the intersection of agricultural, environmental and human issues, which influence public policies.

In a difficult context marked by the scarcity of resources, including the essential one of water, the increase in the price of agricultural inputs and the constantly renewed demands of productivity, Diana Holding embraces the responsibility which falls to it as a major economic actor, which is investing in an intellectual commitment.

Agricultural Research Center – in partnership with the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University of Benguerir.

Diana Holding has signed a framework agreement of cooperation with the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, a Moroccan and African institution of excellence oriented towards applied research and innovation.

As part of a dynamic of contributing to the sustainability of agriculture to think about the future, we are working together to create an Agricultural Research Center. This center will have many missions, among which the development of varieties able to adapt to new climatic conditions.

ID3, the think tank
of Diana Holding

At a time of environmental transition and climate change, our Group is taking concrete steps to position itself as a player in the world of ideas, through the creation of a think tank called ID3. Its mission is to conduct and coordinate research involving universities, companies and public and private institutions.

This multidisciplinary think tank is dedicated to the agribusiness and agro-industry sectors. The project reflects our commitment to sustainable economic and social development, in accordance with the recommendations of the New Development Model.

Thanks to its network of experts, ID3 is working to develop new solutions that can provide answers to environmental climate issues and support the players representing the Group’s various businesses in their progress.